Maxwell Nunes

Maxwell Nunes, Executive Vice President and Head of Paid Digital, has worked across the digital landscape and led strategy and paid campaigns for causes, companies, and campaigns up and down the ballot. 

Prior to joining SKDK, Maxwell has placed over $100M in media spend including roles at Google, Airbnb, Hillary for America, Terry for Virginia, and building an in-house team as Paid Media Director during Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign. Following the campaign, he co-launched his own media firm, helping to write and produce hundreds of digital-first ads for clients including leading progressive organizations. 

Maxwell got his start early making phone calls for his home state senator, John Kerry, in 2004 and then knocking on doors for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in New Hampshire in 2008. Since then he’s spent his career combining message discipline and digital strategy to reach voters wherever they are.

At Pete for America, he oversaw online acquisition, persuasion, and mobilization. He went on to be Pete’s Digital Director for the 2020 general election and then served as Executive Director of the Buttigieg-founded Win the Era PAC and Action Fund.

Having worked in advertising from nearly every vantage point (vendor, consultant, and end client) he’s passionate about finding spend efficiencies and providing transparency so budget can be best allocated toward reaching the right audience.