Energy & Environment

Leading the charge towards clean energy, climate action, and environmental solutions.

Leading the charge.

Addressing energy and environmental challenges is not just a choice; it’s an imperative. At SKDK, we’re deeply committed to tackling climate change, building the clean energy future, and fostering more sustainable practices across industries. Our extensive experience in this field includes collaborations with organizations at the forefront of clean energy, climate action, environmental conservation, and more.

We understand the intricate landscape of energy, environmental policy, and politics. Recognizing that each challenge demands a distinct strategy and unique message, we tailor our approaches to create effective solutions that reach your most important stakeholders.

Our team, driven by a shared passion for the environment and a vision for a sustainable future, offers unmatched expertise and experience. In fact, no firm has created more climate change-focused paid media in recent years than SKDK.

We understand that communication is a powerful tool for driving change. Whether advocating for clean energy, raising awareness about the need for urgent climate action, promoting conservation efforts, or championing sustainable business practices, our mission is to ensure your message resonates with the people who can make a difference. 

What We Do

Championing the new technologies that will power the future, SKDK partners with innovators seeking to speed up our transition to clean energy. We help them shape their message, navigate the stakeholder landscape, and build support for their transformative technologies.

Our team assists Fortune 500 companies in communicating their commitments to sustainability, bolstering brand reputation, and fostering deeper connections with environmentally conscious consumers.

In times of emergency, unfounded attacks, or unforeseen challenges, SKDK provides rapid response crisis communication services to help mitigate reputational damage, manage stakeholder concerns, and guide clients through complex crises. We’re with our clients every step of the way as they chart a steady course toward resilience and recovery.

Understanding and shaping the policy landscape is the key to tackling our most pressing environmental challenges. SKDK works closely with organizations advocating for clean energy, climate action, and environmental protections, helping them convey their message effectively to local, state, and federal decisionmakers and the public.

SKDK has helped our clients achieve the largest investment in climate action in history. Now, we’re working on turning the clean energy plan’s promise into reality.

Case Studies

Prince George’s County Public Schools

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)