Digital Strategy

Shaping opinion, mobilizing action, winning elections.

An effective digital strategy is critical to your success.

In a competitive and fragmented media landscape, an effective digital strategy is critical to your success.  

That means talking to people wherever they are. We take an audience-first approach to digital strategy, starting with who you need to reach to move the needle and then building a custom campaign to achieve your objectives.  

Whether you need to raise awareness of a critical issue, persuade key stakeholders to support a cause, mobilize supporters to take action, or win an election — our battle-tested and award-winning team is ready to work with you effectively and efficiently deliver your message on the right screen at the right time.  

What We Do

We use rigorous data analysis to inform campaign strategies and evaluate performance. From identifying the right targets and KPIs, to testing and optimizing creative, we measure what matters to ensure that your campaign achieves its objectives. There is a ton of data out there — we help you make sense of it. 

Speed has never been more important. With our roots in political campaigns, we work quickly and with agility to deliver your digital programs efficiently and effectively. We are proactive, and always ready to react in real-time to a potential crisis, or opportunity. It’s our job to make sure you are prepared for anything.  

Lasting connections are made by creating content that is personal and relatable in order to capture attention. With the digital freedom to click, swipe, and skip content on-demand, it is increasingly difficult to simply force ads and content onto users. Our in-house Content Studio provides award-winning creative services to Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits, advocacy groups, and political campaigns at every level. We know the right format to tell your story and make sure the creative is engaging and optimized for each platform and audience. 

We custom-design studies to guide your organization forward, using human and data analyses to determine how you can best harness technology. These start with in-depth stakeholder conversations that uncover challenges, insights, and opportunities, and end with a blueprint that outlines a new course. 

The media landscape has never been more complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. We work with our clients every day to break down the nuances of digital advertising and to create programs designed for their unique needs. No two digital plans should ever look the same — and cycle after cycle we’ve built a team that knows how to win. 

Case Studies

Prince George’s County Public Schools

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)