Technology & Cybersecurity

We help tech companies tell their story to the audiences that matter most.

Our relationships in Silicon Valley, Boston and other tech corridors run deep.

We are the partner that cybersecurity and technology companies, investors and advocates turn to when they want to raise their profile, prepare for an IPO, or influence the conversation.

SKDK has worked with companies at all stages on some of the most high-profile causes and issues that matter to the industry. Our cyber incident response team has been a trusted partner to security providers, philanthropies, and public companies and institutions to prepare for and mitigate the fallout of cyberattacks.

We understand the challenges technology companies face and the impact a cybersecurity event can have on an organization’s credibility. We work collaboratively, excel in a crisis and get our clients results.


What We Do

The ability to respond swiftly and effectively to a potentially negative situation has never been more important. With decades of crisis management experience from Washington to Wall Street, we help our clients develop and execute strategies that are effective and lasting. By working with a company’s existing corporate communications resources or creating a separate war room, we quickly help create the most effective messaging, lead media training, manage briefings to key stakeholders, deliver talking points, and provide overall strategic guidance.

The challenges you face can change in a matter of minutes. The issues you need to address are diverse, and so are the audiences you need to reach. The message you deliver must be straightforward and accurate. And the public takes sides quickly. We’re here to help synthesize the complex, technical details of your company, product or issue into understandable content for consumers and policymakers across the globe. And with extensive polling and research teams, we can help you test that message in real-time.

SKDK is more than just a public affairs shop. We are experts in executive profile-building and management, thought leadership, communications and social media strategy, and earned media engagement. With offices coast to coast, we have the right relationships with technology, media and telecom reporters; editors; producers; and bookers critical to telling your story. We will help you develop a short and long-term communications plan that will make an impact.

Technology companies and their executives are under intense scrutiny from the public, elected officials and the media. Our team has worked with many of the lawmakers and regulators who set the policies that guide your work and your products. We understand what you’re up against. And we can help position you for success.

SKDK works with companies and their executives to develop critical thought leadership, train spokespeople and develop messaging and framing to add significant voice and power, particularly at key moments for technology and cybersecurity. We do all of this with the unique perspectives, products and services offered by the company in mind.

Case Studies

Prince George’s County Public Schools

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)