Women’s Leadership & Advocacy

Nuanced, proactive messages that will resonate with the audiences you need to reach.

We know your issues. We understand your challenges. We know how to win.

Led by a powerhouse team of some of the most influential women in strategic communications in the country, SKDK bases its communication strategies on a real-world understanding of what’s at stake.

We have extensive experience advocating on behalf of women leaders and candidates, as well as some of the most high profile causes and issues that matter to women.

We can help you manage an issue, providing important insights and messaging guidance from our in-house research team. We can help build a base of support from third parties and influencers. We have helped women run for political office. We know how to train female leaders for media interviews and hearings. We write speeches, opinion pieces and more. We craft social media strategies, pursue speaking opportunities, and other recognition. We use all of these as building blocks to develop a woman’s personal brand or visibility for her organization and issue.

The Women’s Leadership and Advocacy Practice is fully integrated into the firm’s public affairs, digital, executive communications and political practice areas. We offer clients experience, research insights, partnerships, and other community-building support that is essential to succeed in a crowded, dynamic media and policy environment.

What We Do

Our message experts work with leaders from beginning to end, helping you organize your ideas, stress-test your arguments, connect them with the right words, and develop your delivery skills. We do our homework, dive deeply into research — and if we partner to write on your behalf, we protect your credibility as ardently as our own. That’s how we’ve helped leaders communicate clearly and creatively to advance their causes, win their campaigns, and grow their companies.

SKDK will research the voices currently in your space and other and identify those opportunities where your unique voice should be heard and will carry weight. We will map the other stakeholders within the conversation, so we understand the playing field you or your organization are entering.

SKDK is more than just a public affairs shop. We are experts in executive profile-building and management, thought leadership, communications and social media strategy, and earned media engagement. With offices coast to coast, we have the right relationships with technology, media and telecom reporters; editors; producers and bookers critical to telling your story. We will help you develop a short and long-term communications plan that will make an impact.

SKDK works with organizations and their executives to develop critical thought leadership, train spokespeople and develop messaging and framing to add significant voice and power. We do all of this with the unique perspectives, products and services offered by the organization in mind.

Case Studies

Prince George’s County Public Schools

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)