Media Relations

You can rely on us to tell your story.

We have the experience, relationships, and track record that you can rely on to tell your story.

Our team includes former reporters, senior government officials, and corporate communicators who understand how to break through in today’s crowded, rapidly evolving media landscape. We have helped Presidents, global philanthropies, Fortune 500 executives, advocates, and others tell their stories on their terms.

Whether you are navigating challenging media attention or running a multi-year corporate or advocacy campaign, we have the experience, relationships, and track record that you can rely on to tell your story.

What We Do

SKDK is battle-tested. With decades of crisis management experience from Washington to Wall Street to Main Street, we are the partner that individuals and organizations turn to when facing a crisis.

We will develop and execute a holistic strategy that will help guide you through each day as events evolve, and position you to move on from the matter at hand so you can focus on fulfilling your organization’s mission. We recognize that the best way to get ahead of a crisis is to prepare — and we can help scenario plan for a myriad of possibilities and potential responses.

We work with high-profile leaders who’ve won the White House, the Nobel Prize, and the trust of their communities. We’ve translated complex ideas into compelling stories on behalf of philanthropists, civil rights leaders, and entrepreneurs.

We’ve crafted effective messages and executed thought-leadership strategies for CEOs of blue-chip companies, heads of global foundations, and advocates on the front lines of today’s biggest policy debates. We know how to make your message stick so you can share your idea with the world.

Companies and organizations turn to SKDK when they need a comprehensive communications strategy that takes into account all audiences they want to reach and engages a diverse coalition of stakeholders. Our team of strategists have decades of experience communicating and engaging Black, Latino, LGBTQI+, Indigenous, API and other communities on behalf of corporations, nonprofit organizations, and leaders at the vanguard of civil and human rights as well as our deep relationships with the media.

It’s a challenge to break through today’s never-ending news cycle. SKDK’s team of public relations professionals has deep relationships with top-tier journalists and know how to deliver the right messages to the right audiences at the right time — to achieve the right results.

Case Studies

Prince George’s County Public Schools

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)