Crisis Communications

When the worst happens, we make sure you are at your best.

Crises are rarely about the crisis.

They’re about what happens before, starting with how well you’ve prepared for potential crisis scenarios. They’re also about what happens after, since reputations are cemented by responses to events more than by the event itself.


From natural disasters to Congressional investigations, SKDK is battle-tested. We’ve navigated crises at every level of government and within Fortune 500s, advocacy organizations and philanthropies.

What We Do

Research can help us uncover the severity of a crisis and inform our strategy to move forward. Our in-house research team can deploy political-style polling to understand the scope of the problem within 24-72 hours, conduct focus groups, and messaging polls to war game scenarios, and measure impact to ensure effectiveness.  

Responding in real time is required. Our team offers 24/7 monitoring of news and social media, working closely with an organization’s existing resources or in a war room we’ve set up to provide timely and strategic guidance.

We develop strategies that maintain and elevate the integrity of your brand in the wake of a crisis or lawsuit. Protecting your reputation means more than just responding — it means being fully prepared to respond with a strong message. Our team will prepare you for any situation, from the hardest congressional hearing to tough interviews on network news. We will develop strategies and craft effective messaging so you can deliver a message that is true to your values and the facts.

We identify problems before they arise so that you are ready to respond to whatever comes your way. We work with you to game-plan scenarios you may face and develop a plan of attack to address each situation, including establishing protocols, identifying spokespeople, and preparing messaging.

SKDK develops training modules and tabletop exercises to simulate a crisis, stress-test the plan, and walk you through the right steps in real time.

Case Studies

Prince George’s County Public Schools

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)