Foundations & Philanthropies

Partnering with foundations to bring solutions to scale.

SKDK leverages philanthropies' expertise and funding to achieve grantees' objectives and advance institutional mission.

Our deep experience in the sector includes work with some of the most influential foundations in the country, whose diverse program divisions include social justice, arts and culture, hunger, education, democracy, climate, resilience, and much, much more. We understand the diverse perspectives within philanthropy on how to build institutional brand and reputation, communicate the work of the grantees, and engage in field building.

Whether it’s providing communications capacity support for grantees in particular program divisions, developing and executing communications plans for multi-million dollar foundation-led initiatives, or acting as the agency of record to support the institution and its leadership, SKDK’s expertise in this space is unrivaled. Our deep policy and public affairs background, coupled with our understanding of media and policy makers, allows us to develop and execute sophisticated communications programs that advance foundation missions.

What We Do

SKDK works with foundations across the country to provide direct communications capacity support to their grantees, help build the individual internal capacity of grantees, elevate their work to achieve greater impact and attract additional investment from the funder community. We become strategic partners with grantees to create scale, enhance impact and build narrative around the work.

Philanthropy is increasingly shifting to a strategic model that focuses on broad initiatives advanced by funding a network of grantees, one major organization and foundation-led work. SKDK has a long track record of building communications strategies and programs that advance the goals under each of these strategic philanthropy models.

Internal communications capacity varies greatly in philanthropy and so do needs. Whether serving as the firm of record for day-to-day communications for a foundation, providing additional arms and legs support for existing communications staff, helping enhance thought leadership and influence of foundation leadership, or managing crises, SKDK has a long and successful track record working with foundations to bolster their own capabilities.

SKDK works with foundation staff, program officers and presidents to develop critical thought leadership, train spokespeople and develop messaging and framing to add significant voice and power to the work occurring on the ground. We do all of this while respecting the institutional culture and reputation of the organization.

The ability to respond swiftly and effectively to a potentially negative situation has never been more important. With decades of crisis management experience from Washington to Wall Street, we help our clients develop and execute strategies that are effective and lasting. By working with a company’s existing communications resources or creating a separate war room, we quickly help create the most effective messaging, lead media training, manage briefings to key stakeholders, deliver talking points, and provide overall strategic guidance.

Case Studies

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Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)