Devin Gosnell 

Devin is our Political Creative Director, working on all paid media for our political department. His two greatest passions are art and politics, and he’s combined them to win some of the country’s biggest races and top awards. 

In 2022, he was a media strategist for John Fetterman’s Senate Campaign, working as the lead writer, and co-strategist. In 2023, he won the Pollie for Best Overall Dem TV Campaign of the 2022 cycle for his work on a state house campaign – the first time the top prize has ever gone to a state legislative race. Also in 2022, his work helped flip the PA State House from Red to Blue. 

Before getting into political media, Devin was a campaign manager, working on 13 races, winning all but three. His most notable candidates are Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (PA 5), and former Mayor John Tecklenburg, Charleston, SC. 

Outside of work, he pursues his many hobbies, all of which bring something to his work. Such as street portrait photography, abstract painting, playing piano, reading non-fiction with a heavy focus on psychology and philosophy, meditating, skateboarding, running, home renovation projects, and eating a vegan diet. Most importantly, Devin loves his dog Rojo very much – she is the sweetest.