↑ in Optimized Mobile Advertising

Earlier this month, Mary Meeker released her annual Internet Trends Report. Since the report is dubbed amongst techies as the “must read report” of the year, we wanted to highlight a key trend in the report: the rise in optimized mobile advertising.

But what exactly does that mean?

From sponsored stories on Snapchat, carousal ads on Instagram and buy buttons on Twitter — more and more users are viewing ads on mobile devices. Thus, advertisers have been tapping into innovative ways to reach audiences through enhanced mobile advertising on social media platforms. Take a look at just some of the ways brands can tap into the growing field of mobile advertising.


Earlier this year, Instagram introduced a new way for advertisers to tell deeper stories through carousal ads. Carousal ads give users the opportunity to swipe left on an ad to see additional images and tap on the advertiser’s website to explore the brand even further.



Twitter tells us that everyday millions of users from around the world access Twitter and 78% users do this through their mobile devices. So as you can imagine, promoting tweets and utilizing buy buttons are just a few of the ways that are proving to be successful ways to reach targeted audiences. When launching the “buy button”, Twitter stated: “this is a huge step in building functionality into Twitter to make shopping from mobile devices convenient and easy.”

Twitter Buy Button

But the advertising innovation doesn’t end in social. We’re seeing it in mobile display and video advertising as well. There is a huge increase in the offerings for full page takeovers and expandables. There are even Mobile Action Ads with motion, GPS, and proximity sensors that users can engage with by tilting, twisting or shaking their mobile device. This kind of innovation will continue as more and more website traffic moves to mobile. It is up to advertisers to seize these new ad executions in ways that best represent their brands and drive user views and engagement.

And in many ways, the mobile and digital ad world is still an “if you can dream it we can do it” environment. Not constrained by :30, or :60 second ad units or by the size of a two dimensional page, digital advertisers can dream up new and innovative ways to reach their targets and usually find a partner who will help you execute the ads. In a crowded and ever-changing advertising space, innovative and compelling creative can stand out and ensure your message is memorable.