10 Republicans, Twitter and a #GOPDebate

Last night was the first Republican debate of the 2016 Presidential Election. If network ratings are any indication, it was a must-see TV for a lot of people.  But it wasn’t just a television event, it was a Twitter event.  The SKDK Digital team, with the help of Sysomos analytics, identified some of the more interesting data on Twitter coming out of the #GOPDebate. So if you are curious about the conversations on Twitter, we’ve got you covered. Take a look:



Which Republican candidate received the most mentions within conversations about the #GOPDebate?


Clearly, Donald Trump was the most talked-about candidate by far, appearing in the highest percentage of tweets mentioning a candidate’s name. Ben Carson took second place, and the rest of the contenders received a fairly equal amount of social media attention.

What topics were most talked about among Twitter users? We all know that people love to tweet about Donald Trump, but what were the substantive issues that piqued users’ interests? We see “Black Lives Matter” and “women” as significant topics that carried over into the social media realm.

Word Cloud_2

What was the gender distribution of users tweeting about #GOPDebate last night?


Which media sources were staying on top of the #GOPDebate by providing frequent updates?


Who weighed in more: the RNC or the DNC? @TheDemocrats tweeted about the #GOPDebate 21 times, whereas @GOP posted only 14 #GOPDebate tweets.


What was the most retweeted tweet using #GOPDebate? What about the second most retweeted tweet?


Second most retweeted tweet:


As for the Democrats, what were they up to on social media last night?

OMalley_Tweet Sanders_tweetHillary Insta