TED CHIODO named SKDKnickerbocker COO

As reported in today’s Playbook: “Ted Chiodo, Deputy White House Staff Secretary and longtime member of the Obama team, [leaves] today. Chiodo has been named Chief Operating Officer at SKDKnickbocker in DC. Chiodo joined Obama for America at the Chicago headquarters in early 2007 and has been serving Obama since, including starting on day one of the administration in the Staff Secretary’s office. He has seen and worked every piece of paper that is included in the President’s daily Briefing Book from the campaign until this week.”

Hilary Rosen emails: “[S]tarting Monday he will be the COO of SKDKnickerbocker, a newly created position. … [W]ith offices in DC, NYC and Albany, we need someone who can help us manage the growth. Ted’s versatility, organizational talents and most of all his spectacular good cheer is a perfect fit for us.”