SKDKnickerbocker Launches Women’s Leadership and Advocacy Practice

Washington, D.C.—Today, SKDKnickerbocker launched the Women’s Leadership and Advocacy Practice, which will offer clients strategic communications, research insights, partnerships, and other community-building support that is essential to success in a crowded, dynamic media and policy environment. Building off decades of experience electing women candidates, leading campaigns that advance women’s rights, and supporting women leaders as they navigate challenging business environments, this new practice area captures the energy of the firm’s senior leadership and addresses the needs of a diverse range of clients.

“The Women’s Leadership and Advocacy Practice is an exciting culmination of our experience as well as the celebration of the award-winning women strategists who are behind many of our winning campaigns,” said Hilary Rosen, managing director in SKDK’s DC public affairs practice.

The practice, led by Nell Callahan, is fully integrated into the firm’s public affairs, digital, executive communications and political practice areas. In addition, the firm has launched “Books & Breakfast”, an event series with women authors, including Jay Newton-Small (Broad Influence) and Nancy L. Cohen (Breakthrough). Tomorrow, the firm will host EMILY’s List Founder Ellen Malcolm (When Women Win).

“This is the year of the woman; we could have the first woman president, many of the issues women care about are before the Supreme Court, and corporate America is grappling with how to add women leaders to their ranks and connect with women consumers,” said Anita Dunn, managing director in SKDK’s DC public affairs practice. “We are eager to use our experience at the intersection of these issues to continue to advance the status of women.”

The firm will publish a bi-monthly newsletter, The 162 Report, to track issues in politics, business and advocacy. The name of the report refers to the 162 million American women who inspire the firm’s work. To subscribe, contact us.

“Time and again research shows that when women lead, everyone wins. Corporations profit when they have women in their ranks, and government works better when there are more women elected to office,” said Jennifer Cunningham, managing director in SKDK’s New York office. “Despite women’s growing demographic advantage, our team is acutely aware of what it takes to overcome the challenges women leaders face and understand the need to effectively communicate with this important voting bloc.”

SKDK’s award winning team includes women leaders that have unparalleled experience in media and politics, including Amy Brundage, Kerri Lyon, Kelley McCormick, Julie Norton, Natalie Munoz, Karen Olick, Bianca Prade, Cecelia Prewett, Marcela Salazar, Maureen Shanahan, and Jill Zuckman. In 2015, SKDK was named the Public Affairs Agency of the Year by the Holmes Report.

Current and former clients include Planned Parenthood, Center for Reproductive Rights, Indra Nooyi and PepsiCo, Suze Orman, Katie McGinty, Kathleen Rice, Kathleen Matthews, Debbie Dingell, Angie’s List, Bustle, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, National Women’s Law Center, NoVo Foundation, Ambassador Colleen Bell, Girls Who Code, Vital Voices, Women in Need, Women in the World, among others.

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