SKDKnickerbocker Expands Reach with Promotions and New Hires

Leading Strategic Communications Firm Appoints Public Affairs Presidents, Promotes Five New Managing Directors and Expands Los Angeles Office

SKDKnickerbocker, the nation’s leading strategic communications firm, today named Managing Director Jill Zuckman as President of Washington, D.C., public affairs and Managing Director Kerri Lyon as President of New York public affairs, promoted five new Managing Directors and increased capacity in its Los Angeles office as the firm continues to grow its capabilities and its client base.

“We are proud to have been named the Public Affairs Agency of the Year and the Crisis Agency of the year by the Holmes Report in 2016 and 2017. Jill and Kerri have been instrumental in our success. This team has demonstrated that great strategy, hands-on creativity and a passion for the work are the key to success,” said Hilary Rosen, Managing Director. Lyon and Zuckman are former journalists with long experience in government and politics who have broad expertise advising corporate and nonprofit clients facing strategic challenges. “Whether it’s managing a communications crisis, addressing a long-term strategic challenge or advancing a cause, Lyon and Zuckman are representative of the best team in the business.”

SKDK also announced the expansion of its California based capabilities with the hiring of Heather Wilson as Managing Director in the Los Angeles office to advise companies on corporate and financial communications, crisis management, public affairs, litigation and media strategy. Wilson is a former journalist for CBS MarketWatch who recently ran the San Francisco office of Abernathy MacGregor.

In addition, the firm named five new managing directors:

Greg Minoff, Director of the Content Studio and the head of the broad portfolio of creative advertising and digital services offered by SKDK

Cecelia Prewett, former Federal Trade Commission official who leads the firm’s Regulatory, Investigations and Litigation practice

Morgan Hook, former journalist and former chief communications officer for the State University of N.Y. and head of SKDK Albany

Stephen Krupin, former White House speechwriter for President Barack Obama and head of SKDK’s Executive Communications practice

Nell Callahan, former press secretary for Senator Jeanne Shaheen, head of the Woman’s Practice and Chief of Staff in the Washington, D.C., Public Affairs office

“The talent we have across the country is what has made SKDK the go-to firm for CEOs, candidates for office, litigators, progressive organizations and others seeking to grow their business, advance an agenda, win an election or avert a crisis,” said Managing Director Josh Isay.

SKDKnickerbocker provides the full range of communications services, including public relations, digital communications, executive communications, litigation support, television advertising, direct mail and research.