SKDK Digital on the Importance of Content Creation

SKDK read with interest the PR Week article “PR firms at make-or-break moment on content creation.” It is difficult to disagree with any of the conclusions of the article – we all know content creation is critical to being successful on social media.

But one thing that SKDK always keeps top of mind is the importance of “proximity” when it comes to content creation. That means whoever creates your content – in house or working with another firm – must have intimate knowledge of the client’s message, their audience, and the news of the day that would be relevant to the social media campaign you are executing.

Maybe it’s our background in political campaigns, but we have known the value of content creation – and integrating it into communications strategies – for years. When you work with campaigns, you are by necessity close to the message and we bring this same approach to our PR and corporate work. We’ve made content creation a priority by bringing in top talent in-house. This allows for that easy flow of information from the client and message side to the creative side.

It also allows us to move quickly. Social media is moving at an increasingly rapid pace, and creating visually interesting content is only valuable if you can do it in a timely manner. While longer-term planning for events and micro-campaigns are always in place, it’s important to have the ability to move quickly on content creation for social.