Happy 10th Birthday Twitter!!


In honor of Twitter’s 10th birthday, the SKDKnickerbocker employees gathered their favorite Tweets of the last 10 years.


Steve Krupin

The most effective communications appeal to our hearts more than our heads. When President Obama won re-election there was a lot of hugging at our headquarters and in field offices and homes around the country. The campaign’s social-media savants chose a photograph that captured the President in a personal moment and conveyed the emotions of joy and relief so many felt – which is why it instantly became history’s most-retweeted image. You could say it just clicked.


Morgan Hook

My only favorited Tweet ever. It does this amazing job of describing a completely absurd scene taking place at a baseball game – we’ve all seen similar mascot fights – and begs so many additional questions. Does the bucket have a light saber? Which Star Wars character is fighting the bucket? Does the bucket use The Force? The tweet ends with question that is worth considering, especially because I’m not terribly fond of Atlanta.


Bianca Prade

The sheer speed that Oreo demonstrated during Super Bowl XLVII’s blackout was brilliant and an unexpected from a brand with seemingly no real connection to football. It was a game-changer for brands, demonstrating that anyone or anything can be part of the conversation.


Aaron Golds

The President’s Tweet is a great visual with little text. The text does all the talking and ties into internet culture by referencing a buzzworthy television show (Friday Night Lights). Can’t lose, President Obama.

Obama Tweet

Nick Morrow

Despite some of the recent political controversies associated with Caitlyn Jenner, for me, this was one of the most inspiring Twitter moments – when Caitlyn introduced herself to the world as her authentic self (and in the process, became the Twitter user to most quickly reach 1 million followers!). It exemplifies what social media means to me: it is a place where someone can be their true self and give others a glimpse into their world on a uniquely personal level. Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are today without pioneers from Marsha P. Johnson to Chaz Bono, but Caitlyn’s hyper-public “coming out” was an important, pivotal moment in our ongoing dialogue regarding LGBT rights and visibility, and it wouldn’t have made as many waves as it did without Twitter.



Neha Nair & Madison Heuston

This tweet (which has since been deleted) proves that Kanye has thoughts that would never even cross our minds. But somehow they make so much sense.

kanye tweet