D’Seanté Parks

D'Seante Parks

Senior Vice President
New York City

[email protected]

D’Seanté Parks has over a decade of experience in communication and political strategy for public, private and non-profit organizations. Her national career started at SKDK’s Washington D.C. office as an associate. She left to work on federal, state and local elections, including on U.S. Senate campaigns for Senators Mary Landrieu and Kamala Harris. Before rejoining the firm as a senior vice president in the New York office, she founded civic empowerment app 1000 MORE and maintained an independent public affairs consulting practice for prominent Louisiana and national clients. Additionally, during her time away, she completed a Master of Public Policy degree at the Harvard Kennedy School and contributed to various publications, including a handbook for campaigns to combat mis and disinformation attacks. D’Seanté is a proud alumna of Louisiana State University, with a Bachelor of Political Communication from the Manship School where she contributed research for several published works on the roots of propaganda in America.