SKDK Statement on Atlanta Shooting & Ongoing Violence Against the AAPI Community

The murders in Atlanta and the rise of AAPI hate crimes and bigotry is a true scourge on our nation. SKDK stands collectively and individually with the AAPI community against these despicable and evil acts.  

This rise in hatred is upsetting and deeply painful but it is not a new concept. We hope that Tuesday’s events in Atlanta serve as a wake-up call to anyone unfamiliar with this rise in violence against Asians and provoke us to take action. 

Our diversity makes this country great. As a company that celebrates multiculturalism and inclusivity, we stand with our Asian American employees and the AAPI community in allyship, support, and protection. We can help by educating ourselves on the many contributions of Asians in America. Because Asian Americans are Americans and Asian American history is American history. We can help by supporting Asian-owned businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. And we can all help by using our voices and influence to bring greater awareness to the Asian community.

We know that we have leaders who are taking these tragic moments seriously and will take action to address the deeply rooted divisions in our country. We are extremely encouraged to see that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are scheduled to meet with Asian American leaders in Atlanta today in the wake of this devastating moment in our history.  SKDK continues to stand with the AAPI community to #StopAsianHate.