SKDK Digital Downloads: Messaging the White House on Facebook

With the enormous advancements of technology over the past couple decades and the surplus of electronic devices being made available, it’s no wonder children are becoming tech-savvy at earlier ages. Gone are the days when people write letters to one another and pen-pals send postcards across continents, waiting weeks for the delivery to come in while waiting even longer for a response. For many, this long and tedious method of communication has become just a chore; even more so if you wanted to get in touch with someone important such as the president of the United States. With the new Facebook “White House Messenger Bot,” the president is able to connect with the people faster and more efficiently than ever making it hard to imagine that there was a time where we couldn’t get in touch with the White House via instant messaging.

The White House’s Messenger bot uses technology that many people are already familiar with, making communication simple and effective, regardless of time or location. It is as simple as going to the White House page on Facebook and sending a short message.

“Our goal is to meet people where they are…It’s about creating opportunities for people to engage with their government in new and accessible ways, using the same technologies we already rely on in our daily lives,” stated White House Chief Digital Officer Jason Goldman.