Doug Thornell in CQ Roll Call: How the Baltimore Protests Changes the MD Senate Race

SKDK’s Doug Thornell was quoted in yesterday’s story by CQ Roll Call on how the Maryland Senate race will likely take on a new focus. Here are excerpts:

“It’s important they show an understanding of the frustration and powerlessness that many folks in Baltimore feel, and at the appropriate time, meet with people in the community and offer up serious solutions,” Doug Thornell, managing director at SKDKnickerbocker and a former aide to Rep. Chris Van Hollen, told CQ Roll Call Tuesday. Van Hollen is one of the top candidates in the Democratic primary.

“These events should make anyone running for office in Maryland address police tactics as well as the underlying issues of poverty and hopelessness plaguing inner cities,” Thornell said. “If you ignore them then you’re basically turning your back to a huge part of the state.”