Lucy MacIntosh

Lucy MacIntosh is a campaign strategist with experience managing both candidate and advocacy campaigns. 

Before joining SKDK, Lucy was the associate director of campaigns at the Hub Project, overseeing paid and earned media programs across the country to hold elected officials accountable. 

Lucy has managed some of the toughest campaigns in the country, including Rep. Anthony Brindisi’s re-election, one of the longest uncalled races of the election cycle in a district Trump concurrently won by 12 points. Lucy successfully managed Virginia Delegate Hala Ayala’s re-election campaign and later served as her chief of staff. She was a part of the DCCC’s political department in the historic 2018 cycle when Democrats flipped 40 seats to win the House. She also worked for Secretary Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. 

Lucy graduated from George Washington University and currently resides in Washington, D.C.