Elizabeth Eadie

Elizabeth Eadie is a digital strategist with over 15 years of experience leading digital and marketing campaigns. 

Starting her career in Hollywood, Elizabeth marketed movies and consumer products for global entertainment brands to fans with audience-driven campaigns. She brought her branding and digital know-how to politics in 2012 with a brief stint in Baltimore’s state politics before jumping to the national level as creative director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). After two cycles at the DNC, she led the creative team at a communications agency, working with clients such as Fortune 100 consumer brands, tech unicorns, and philanthropic vanguards. She has also enjoyed working with countless Democratic candidates and issue advocacy groups on digital creative work. 

In addition to her robust marketing work, Elizabeth focuses on climate change, supporting clients of all sizes in this vital fight. Holding degrees in English, graphic design, and web design, Elizabeth considers herself a data-driven creative. She is most proud of her two young sons that she and her husband are raising in Alexandria, Virginia.