Rachael Shackelford

With a background in journalism and client publicity, Rachael Shackelford offers a great deal of understanding of how media works from all angles.

She is a former CNN producer and Emmy award-winning journalist who spent a decade at the international news agency covering and producing the biggest news of a generation.

While at CNN she helped to produce top political and media shows on the global network, including Reliable Sources, State of the Union and The Situation Room. She was part of the network’s control room team that covered Supreme Court decisions, State of the Union addresses and presidential elections, and was a weekend White House producer where she covered the Obama administration. She also helped prep some of the network’s most famous faces for interviews with national newsmakers.

Prior to joining SKDK, Rachael was a publicist at a public relations firm in Washington where she developed client-focused broadcast media strategies for non-profits, Fortune 100 companies, federal government agencies and political organizations.

Rachael has an undergraduate degree in journalism from Florida A&M University and a graduate degree in international affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology.