Andrew Shipley

Shipley_Andrew-political consulting radio and tv production

Executive Vice President & Head of Advertising and Creative Services
Washington, D.C.

[email protected]

Andrew manages complex creative projects for a wide array of the firm’s political, corporate and nonprofit clients. He has produced hundreds of high-profile advertisements for political campaigns and Fortune 500 companies. Whether conducting interviews in Hong Kong, working with media buyers to develop campaigns, or producing communications for Super Pacs, Andrew has been deeply involved in every step of the production process.

More recently, Andrew has focused on the firm’s corporate advertising efforts. Working with NRG research Andrew worked with the Stagwell team to develop a strategic branding message for Gillette. He directed and produced multiple national TV ads and web videos for Gillette as the lead on the firm’s advertising for the P&G company.

When Under Armour needed to garner public support for their billion-dollar Port Covington project in Baltimore, Andrew led the paid media campaign, resulting in a massive city supported urban renewal project. And when AT&T sought FCC approval on their merger with DirecTV, Andrew ran the print and digital campaign promoting the benefits of the combined company.

He currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife and two children.