Alex Braun

AB 16

Managing Director & President of Research
Washington, D.C.

[email protected]

Alex is an award-winning strategist who crafts communications campaigns based in research and analytics. Called a “campaign magician” by Forbes, Alex has founded and leads the research and international political practices at SKDK. He is also an adjunct professor of campaign management at George Washington University.

Alex specializes in translating research into compelling stories and actionable recommendations. He has conducted hundreds of polls, focus groups and other research instruments for clients ranging from major public affairs, nonprofit and media organizations to corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Pfizer, IBM, Ford and Comcast.

In the political arena, Alex has unique expertise, having worked with dozens of heads of state and other political clients around the globe. In addition to US campaigns, including Biden 2020, he has advised prime ministers in the United Kingdom, India, and Croatia and presidents in Ukraine, Mexico, and the Philippines, among others.

As a recognized industry leader, Alex has been named the American Association of Political Consultants’ International Campaign Consultant of the Year and among its “40 under 40.” He has won the Reed Award and the Polaris Award for his campaign work and frequently speaks at conferences and in the media on both sides of the Atlantic.

Alex is also involved in giving back. He co-founded Moonshot Platform, a global social impact nonprofit, and the Rising World Foundation, focused on women empowerment in India. He serves on the board of American Friends of the Czech Republic, and is active in the Aspen Young Leaders and the American Council of Young Political Leaders programs.

Prior to joining SKDK, Alex spent fifteen years in journalism, research and PR. He was a Fulbright scholar, co-authored two (soon three) academic books, and holds degrees from New York University, Central European University in Budapest, and Charles University in Prague.