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SKDKnickerbocker Cyber Security Practice

In today’s world, every company is under threat of a cybersecurity breach – and a breach threatens every aspect of your business.

At SKDK, we work with you to educate media, customers, and policymakers about the actions you are taking to protect against these rising threats. We help you create a more secure environment and share that story with your stakeholders.

SKDK has years of experience on the forefront of cyber and privacy issues, working with companies and cybersecurity experts to prepare for and respond to breaches. We’re fluent in these issues, and we know how to position your company in the new security landscape. Our cybersecurity practice can help you with:

  • Preparation

    You can never be too prepared against cyber intruders and other privacy data breaches. Preparation is key to minimizing the damage and helping clients prepare for and mitigate crises is at the heart of what we do as a firm. We’ll help you brief senior leadership, identify existing security gaps and analyze the potential for vulnerabilities. We’ll also run table-top exercises for your senior executive leadership team to ensure that you are prepared and nimble should that day come.

  • Inoculation

    We help you establish effective lines of communication with the appropriate stakeholders long before any attempted breach. We also educate your leadership on what an appropriate cyber strategy for your company looks like, so that you can lay the groundwork to successfully address any issue related to cybersecurity.

  • Emergency Planning

    Technical compliance is necessary but not sufficient. That’s why any successful cyber security strategy includes developing a robust breach mitigation plan. We help you identify decision makers and engage U.S. and foreign governments, set up a process for rapid response and create messaging to effectively communicate with all affected parties.

  • Execution

    When a crisis strikes, our team of battle-tested strategists will provide quick, decisive, thoughtful communications management, rapid response and media analysis. Our research team can immediately conduct a flash poll to evaluate awareness and impact, confirm that the communications strategy in place is working and course-correct as necessary. We help you manage impacted stakeholders and third-party validators, so you can deliver the right message to your target audiences.

Who we work with

  • Advocates & Activists

  • NGOs

  • Startup Entrepreneurs

  • Trade Associations

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