Research is the fundamental building block of all effective strategy

SKDKnickerbocker Research

We provide research-driven insights to develop a clear and effective blueprint for strategy.

Who is your audience, what do they think, and how can you move them?

Using the most current quantitative and qualitative techniques, we will help you find your core, competitive edge – what makes you unique to your target audience? How can you develop a position that is relevant and sustainable?

As a research team embedded within a strategic communications firm, we know how to develop research-driven insights that seamlessly integrate into your communications plan or advertising. Our research is cohesive, on point, and delivers a clear, actionable roadmap.

Research Services

  • Messaging

    Research should be the backbone to any good messaging strategy and development. Our research can help you create an entire messaging architecture by developing a theme, key proof points, tone or specific language. We identify messages that resonate with different audiences, or we can simulate a debate to test attacks and rebuttals.

  • Crisis communications

    We will uncover how serious the crisis really is and determine the best way forward. When your crisis hits we can implement political-style flash polls to understand the scope of the problem within 24 hours, conduct focus groups to figure out strategic direction, employ messaging polls to war game scenarios, and monitor impact to ensure messaging has desired effect.

  • Brand reputation

    Use research to bolster your brand reputation—both among your target audiences and the public. Our research will clarify the right branding and positioning by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, benchmarking your reputation against competitors, and exploring areas for growth.

  • Creative testing

    Research can help as you develop creative, ads, and campaigns. By obtaining feedback on early creative concepts, we will understand the strength of your current creative, test your creative language and use the results to help you refine your concepts and identify creative to use.

  • Publicity polls

    Research can help you get the right press hooks. We use our polling expertise to understand opinion of your industry, issues surrounding your business, brand comparisons, or generally interesting topics so that your name appears in the media. Then we will help you pitch the research to the most important outlets.

Who we work with

Among others, we have done research for:

  • Advocates & Activists

  • Fortune 100 Executives

  • NGOs

  • Foundations & Philanthropies

  • Political Candidates

  • Trade Associations

How we do it

It’s not just what you test, but also how you test it. Often we go beyond the topline numbers, using technique like audience segmentation and well-honed testing methodologies and statistical analyses to uncover the real story behind the numbers.


  • Focus groups/ triads/dyads
  • In depth interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Phone surveys
  • Opinion elite studies
  • Ethnographies

Cutting-edge techniques:

  • Dial tests
  • Ad testing
  • Heat maps/eye tracking
  • Highlighting exercises
  • Text analytics
  • Virtual shopping
  • Simulated ballot tests
  • Geo-fencing
  • Neuro polls
  • Big Data appends

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