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You’re facing a lawsuit. Planning a difficult merger. Complying with a congressional investigation or a regulatory agency’s demand. In other words, you’re in a crisis.

You need a public relations partner skilled in working on complex legal issues and communicating through crises.

The sum of any company’s strength is its trustworthiness, credibility and reputation – all of which are formed in the court of public opinion and all of which are vulnerable to legal disputes, investigations and crises. The public takes sides quickly; without a coordinated communications strategy and on-call experts executing it, each second that ticks by weakens your opportunity to shape the narrative.

SKDK has deep expertise communicating around litigation, mergers, regulatory crises, consumer protection cases, and reputational crises. Our experience was forged in the private sector as well as through senior White House roles, in Congress, at the Federal Trade Commission, in State Attorneys General offices, and in the Departments of Transportation, Interior, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development and State.

Areas of expertise

  • Litigation support

    We partner with your attorneys and your in-house communications team to help tell your story in the court of public opinion.

  • Regulatory battles

    We help our clients craft the narrative and strategy to present your legal or policy position to educate and persuade the public and reach your audiences.

  • Congressional investigations

    Whether it’s congressional testimony, an agency inquiry or subpoena, SKDK works with you to manage the message.

  • Consumer protection cases

    We have deep experience in defending our clients’ marketing and advertising practices so you can get back to business.

Case Studies

  • Confidential: A $1.5 billion publicly-traded company with an FTC issue

    SKDKnickerbocker developed an overall campaign approach to the company’s regulatory and litigation battles. Our strategy included having senior executives tell the story of what consumers wanted from the company, coupled with insightful and scientific research for decisionmakers in D.C. We worked with the in-house PR team to develop internal and external strategies involving employee relations, government affairs, executive messaging, third parties and media relations.

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SKDK brings unparalleled strategic communications experience to major companies, non-profits, philanthropies, political committees, and candidates.

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