Your story is only as good as your ability to tell it.

SKDKnickerbocker Executive Communications

We help leaders communicate clearly and creatively to advance their causes, win their campaigns, and grow their companies.

We work with high-profile leaders who’ve won the White House, the Nobel Prize, and the trust of their communities.

We’ve translated complex ideas into compelling stories on behalf of philanthropists, civil rights leaders, and entrepreneurs.

We’ve crafted effective messages and executed thought-leadership strategies for CEOs of blue-chip companies, heads of global foundations, and advocates on the front lines of today’s biggest policy debates.

Led by former senior speechwriters to Presidents Biden and Obama, our message experts know how to make your message stick so you can share your idea with the world.

What We Can Do Together.

  • Message R&D

    Grounded in deep research, we create authentic organizational and issue narratives in language proven to resonate with your target audiences.

  • Thought-Leadership Strategy

    We design holistic strategies that can elevate an executive’s profile by establishing them as a sought-after thought leader with a unique and well-articulated point of view, always in service of a greater mission.

  • Speeches and Bylined Articles

    Like we’ve done for Presidents Biden and Obama and some of the biggest names in politics and business, we conceptualize, research, write, and edit persuasive speeches and op-eds in a leader’s authentic voice.

  • Message & Media Training

    From our in-house studio (or wherever in the world you are), we work with spokespeople to establish credibility, refine your message, prepare for any kind of interview question, and stay in control of every public engagement.

  • Presentation Coaching

    Whether you’re preparing for a panel or a podcast, a conference keynote or a congressional hearing, a presentation to the board of directors or a quarterly earnings call, we help you hit all the right notes when the spotlight hits you.

  • Writing Workshops

    We lead workshops that fit any team’s size and time, design curricula that build your team’s skills, and will help each member of your organization become a more confident and persuasive storyteller.

  • Story Banking

    We will operationalize a research-and-interview process to capture, craft, and curate the most meaningful examples that give life to your overall narrative.

  • Conference Design

    Ahead of an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, SKDK can produce every component seamlessly and under one roof, from agenda design to content writing.

Good storytelling requires trust.

Before you can earn it from your audience, we need to earn it from you.

That’s why we start every project by listening to what you want to accomplish, what drives you, and what motivates your stakeholders, customers, or voters.

We work with leaders from beginning to end, helping you organize your ideas, stress-test your arguments, connect them with the right words, and develop your delivery skills.

We do our homework, dive deeply into research — and if we partner to write on your behalf, we protect your credibility as ardently as our own.

We have worked one-on-one with leaders including:

  • Presidents of the United States

  • Cabinet Secretaries

  • US Senators & Representatives

  • Governors & Mayors

  • Advocates & Activists

  • TED Talk Speakers

  • Fortune 100 Executives

  • Supreme Court Plaintiffs

  • NGOs

  • Startup Entrepreneurs

  • University Presidents

  • Celebrities

  • Foundations & Philanthropies

  • Political Candidates

  • American Ambassadors

  • Trade Associations

  • Authors

  • Athletes

Practice Leaders

Stephen Krupin

  • Senior speechwriter to President Obama
  • Chief speechwriter to Secretary of State John Kerry
  • Chief speechwriter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
  • Adjunct lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School
[email protected]
Full Bio

Amber Macdonald

  • Special Assistant to President Biden
  • Chief speechwriter to First Lady Jill Biden
  • Director of speechwriting to Secretary of HHS Silvia Burwell
  • Deputy director of speechwriting to Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sebelius
[email protected]
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