Your story is only as good as your ability to tell it.

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We were messaging experts in the White House. Now we connect your ideas with the right words.

You were invited to speak to an important audience and need a keynote speech that sings. You have to make the most of your next television appearance and avoid potential traps. You want your CEO, your candidate, or the face of your cause to inspire a crowd.

We’ve helped leaders move audiences from the Rose Garden to the World Economic Forum to “60 Minutes.”

We know how to make your message stick so you can share your idea with the world.

Executive Communications Services

  • Message Development

    You know why you do what you do. But to rally others, you’ll need to cut through the clutter of a crowded media landscape. We work closely with your team to develop an authentic narrative that’s clear, consistent, memorable, and meaningful.

  • Speechwriting

    We know what moves an audience to act. Like we’ve done for some of the biggest names in politics and business, we can help you conceptualize, research, and write a persuasive speech or op-ed in your unique voice that accomplishes your strategic objectives.

  • Media Training

    How to sit, stand, gesture, and pause is as important as what you say – but it takes practice to get it right. From our in-house media-training studio or in your offices, we’ll help you refine your message, prepare for any question that comes your way, and stay in control of your interview.

  • Presentation Coaching

    They call the act of giving a speech “delivering” for a reason: you have to bring it. Whether you’re keynoting a conference, testifying at a hearing, or presenting at a public event, we’ll help you bring your ideas from the page to the podium and make sure you’re ready to hit the right notes.

Who we work with

We have worked one-on-one with leaders including:

  • Presidents of the United States

  • Cabinet Secretaries

  • US Senators & Representatives

  • Governors & Mayors

  • Advocates & Activists

  • TED Talk Speakers

  • Fortune 100 Executives

  • Supreme Court Plaintiffs

  • NGOs

  • Startup Entrepreneurs

  • University Presidents

  • Celebrities

  • Foundations & Philanthropies

  • Political Candidates

  • American Ambassadors

  • Trade Associations

  • Authors

  • Athletes

Practice Leader

Stephen Krupin

Head of Executive Communications

  • Senior speechwriter to President Obama
  • Chief speechwriter to Secretary of State John Kerry
  • Chief speechwriter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
  • Adjunct lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School
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