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As the Sabre Award’s 2017 Crisis Management Firm of the Year, we have decades of crisis management experience from Washington to Wall Street. We bring that experience to help our clients prepare and manage reputational or legal crises, developing and executing strategies that are effective and enduring.

SKDK’s team is uniquely positioned to provide actionable insights for our clients to handle any potential crisis.

When your reputation is at risk, it’s essential that the individuals defending you are fast, smart, and work as a team. SKDK’s talented strategists have experience working at the highest level of government, political campaigns, business and media. We use that experience to make sure our clients are prepared in the event the worst happens. And if the worst happens and you need a battle-tested partner, we are the firm that everyone from CEOs to Senators turn to.

SKDK is uniquely positioned to help create the most effective messaging, develop scenario planning, conduct media trainings, manage briefings to key stakeholders, deliver talking points, engage with the media, and provide overall strategic guidance. With offices in Washington, New York City, Albany, and Los Angeles, our teams work with leaders, organizations and companies around the globe to protect their reputation like it’s our own.


Crisis Communications Services

  • Scenario Planning and Execution

    Being prepared for any situation is indispensable when handling a potential crisis. We work with our clients to identify problems before they arise so that you are ready to respond to whatever comes your way. We work with you to game-plan scenarios you may face and identify a plan of attack to address each situation, including establishing protocols, identifying spokespeople, and preparing messaging.

  • Rapid Response

    Responding in real time is important when faced with a crisis. Our team offers 24/7 media monitoring, including social media, and works with an organization’s existing resources or creates a separate “war room” to quickly create the most effective messaging and provide strategic guidance.

  • Impact Analysis

    SKDK’s Crisis Assessment Tool (CAT) provides the objective diagnosis needed when reputations are at risk. Our proprietary tool rapidly gauges the breadth and depth of the damage done, pinpoints affected audiences, isolates both immediate and long-term impacts, and suggests the likelihood of further deterioration among your target audiences and key stakeholders. From there, groups are assigned an individualized CAT score to help prioritize your focus and resources to maximize the efficacy of your response strategy.

  • Reputation and Brand Management

    We will develop a strategy with you in order to maintain and elevate the integrity of your brand in the wake of a crisis, be it impending regulation or a lawsuit. Protecting your reputation means more than just responding — it means being fully prepared to respond with a strong message. Our team will prepare you for any situation, from the hardest congressional hearing to tough interviews on network news. We will develop strategies and craft effective messaging so you can deliver a message in a way that is true to your organization’s values.

A Unique Partnership with Harris Insights & Analytics

Together with our sister company Harris Insights & Analytics, we are uniquely positioned to provide actionable insights for our clients to handle a potential crisis.

Harris has had a dedicated reputation measurement practice for more than 20 years and is an independent partner in reputation measurement and management to many of the world’s most trusted corporations and industries – for both proactive reputation management and crisis related insights.

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