Conventions are over. Convening isn't.

SKDKnickerbocker Conference-in-a-Box

Moving your conference online requires more than a webcam and a slide deck.

It takes careful consideration of your message, your messengers, and the interactivity that makes your meeting one of the most important events of the year.

How do you bring your most valuable stakeholders together without the flights, the food, the hotel rooms or the ballrooms? How do you create a worthwhile experience from a safe distance?

SKDK can help by producing everything seamlessly and under one roof. We’re experts in every component of a successful gathering: crafting polished keynote speeches and compelling bylined content, producing award-winning videos and creative digital assets, preparing speakers for panels and presentations, and developing effective earned media strategies and social media campaigns to make sure the right people hear what you have to say.

We’ve written speeches for U.S. Presidents and Fortune 100 CEOs, produced ads that aired during the Super Bowl, and prepared presenters for conferences like TED, South by Southwest, the World Economic Forum, and nationally televised political conventions.

You’re virtual. We’re versatile. Together, we’ll make your next conference the most engaging one yet.

We Do It All

  • Message Development

    We’ll work with you to develop a strategic, compelling and meaningful message for your event – and then reinforce it clearly and consistently with each element of the program.

  • Agenda Design

    The best conferences put the attendees first. We understand how to balance speeches, panels, breakout groups and interactive networking sessions to keep energy high and audiences engaged.

  • Speechwriting

    We know what moves an audience. Like we’ve done for some of the biggest names in business and politics, including President Obama, we’ll work directly with your speakers to conceptualize, research and write remarks that are persuasive, memorable and timely – and that together create a cohesive overall program.

  • Speaker Prep

    Whether your speakers are experienced orators or nervous rookies, we’ll work with them to nail the delivery of their prepared keynotes, presentation, panel appearance, or interview.

  • Video Production

    Our in-house Content Studio brings years of experience creating award-winning, visually compelling creative that tells an unforgettable story.

  • Digital Storytelling

    From graphics to slides to a dedicated microsite that houses all your conference materials, we’ll produce the multimedia content that will keep your audience tuned in across every platform.

  • Bylined Content

    At a virtual conference, it’s sometimes best to let your attendees absorb information at their own pace and on their own time, before or after a session or during a break. We’ll help you craft the letters, articles, graphs and white papers that round out the story you need to tell.

  • Social Media

    We bring strategic expertise across digital and social channels to make sure your event and its message captures attention and drives results. Our monitoring, research and insights will help you define the right approach to amplify your conference and keep you in the conversation.

  • Media Relations

    Year after year, our team of public relations professionals have won the highest honors in our field. We know how to break through in a noisy news cycle, we know the players at national and regional media across all platforms, and we know how to deliver the right messages to the right audiences to get results.

  • Talent Relations

    Have you invited a special guest to speak? We’ve been on both ends of those sometimes sensitive conversations, so we know how to make sure they deliver what you’re looking for.

  • Day-of-Show

    Once everyone logs in, you should be able to sit back and watch the show. You can find us in the virtual backstage, getting your speakers ready, keeping the program moving, and handling any last-minute tech hiccups.

  • Stories That Live On

    The power of a thoughtfully planned event is that it responds to a moment in time. The risk is that its echo might not resonate much longer than the last speaker’s final words. We build evergreen content so the story your event communicates remains relevant and continues to be told.

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