We help you define your message, become a thought leader in the crypto space, and navigate any challenges that arise.

SKDKnickerbocker Cryptocurrency Practice

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are at a pivotal moment. Companies are leading the way in developing exciting tools with the potential to reshape the future of finance. But, like any emerging technology, cryptocurrencies are also all too often misunderstood or mischaracterized — whether in the halls of Congress, at the SEC, at the U.S. Treasury Department or in the media.

That’s where SKDK comes in. We work with a variety of companies in this space on everything from thought leadership to litigation support to crisis communications and beyond. We can help you develop your message, bolster your brand reputation, and navigate Washington.

We’re here to bridge the gap between the exciting work you do and how that work is seen by elected leaders, regulators, and the public. We understand how to navigate a complicated legal and political environment. And with decades of experience working with tech companies and start-ups, we’re also able to adapt as your needs change and your business grows.


Thought Leadership

We help you define your company’s narrative — synthesizing complex and technical ideas into effective messaging that will resonate with policymakers and the public. Then, using our experience and creativity, we make sure that message reaches the right people. With a strong digital team and extensive relationships across national and regional media platforms, we can train you for interviews, plan public events, and help your company become a thought leader in the crypto space.

Reputation Management

In the crowded crypto space, we can help your company bolster its reputation and break through. We’ll identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses, differentiate your brand from competitors, and look at potential areas of growth. We will work with you to develop and execute a coordinated communications strategy, including a digital strategy, to reach your target audiences.

Regulation & Litigation Support

In this fast-moving regulatory landscape, it’s essential that your company has the right strategy. Our team has worked with many of the lawmakers and regulators in this space, and we can position you for success. We’re skilled at working on complex legal issues in both the financial and tech industries, and we can help you communicate through crises, such as an SEC enforcement action.

Crisis Communications

Our team of on-call experts is always ready to react in real-time to a crisis — or an opportunity. We can build out a solid base of support for your company from third-party validators and influencers. We will make sure your company is prepared for anything, and our in-house research team can provide messaging guidance at every step of the way.

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