Case Study

Americans for Securing All Packages

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ASAP (Americans for Securing All Packages) wanted to persuade Congress to pass the STOP Act, requiring the U.S. Postal Service to use advance electronic data (AED) to screen for dangerous material in international shipments. A postal loophole that allows millions of unscreened packages into the country, many containing fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. We launched a Twitter campaign to drive our message underscoring the national health and safety risks posed in the global postal system. The campaign used Promoted Tweets to geo-target members of Congress and their staffers with OpEds and Twitter Cards that shine a spotlight on the millions of packages a day coming into the US through the postal service.

ASAP’s Twitter account was updated with newly designed profile art to effectively promote the campaign. Twitter Website cards were also designed to demonstrate the consequences of further Congressional inaction.

After a multi-year campaign, 272 House Members and 32 Senators ultimately signed on as STOP Act cosponsors, signaling broad support for legislation that would mandate AED on all foreign packages coming into the U.S. President Trump signed the STOP Act into law on October 24, 2018 as part of a broader opioid package. The STOP Act was prominently featured in national and local coverage of the opioid package’s passage and signing.